Gudde Moien,

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- Employed at the Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg as head of the national digital library consortium.

- Tentative: New ways of owning housing, such as the "Mietshäusersyndikat" housing model, the more general steward-ownership approach or the Vivihouse collective building system. Part of the switch to physical commons at, now that Creative Commons licences work is done.

Previous projects:
- Co-creator of Europeana's licensing framework (until 2015).
- Organiser of the yearly Europeana Licensing Workshop Luxembourg (2012-2015).
- Member of, an international effort to harmonise rights communication of digital heritage.

- Founder Creative Commons Luxembourg (v3.0 launched in 2007, v4.0 French translation launched in 2017).

Loosely coupled to:
- Keeping the Public Domain alive and kicking: Communia-association.

cheers, Patrick